Hot Pockets, With Foodie Makeover, Tries to Mature With Millennials

Food Network's "Sandwich King" Jeff Mauro with the new Hot Pockets brand sandwiches in Los Angeles, on July 16, 2013 Photograph by Casey Rodgers/Invision for Nestlé Prepared Foods/Hot Pockets/AP Images

Hot Pockets turns 30 this year, and the brand of frozen, flaky meat-and-cheese-stuffed rolls wants to show it can grow up alongside the millennials who made the microwavable snack an after-school staple. Nestlé announced a major rebranding effort Tuesday that includes new Hot Pockets ingredients, packaging, and advertising. The revamped line, on grocery store shelves now, contains “premium cuts of meat,” “seasoned crusts,” and “real cheese” (and raising the unfortunate question as to what was inside Hot Pocket before).

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