Motorcycle Racer Killed in Runway Crash Trying to Exceed 300 MPH

Motorcycle racer Bill Warner died while attempting to become the first person to exceed 300 miles per hour (483 kilometers per hour) over one mile on a conventional motorcycle. He was 44.

Warner had reached 296 mph during a previous run before losing control and crashing off a paved runway yesterday at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine. Warner was conscious following the accident, though he died at a local hospital about an hour and 15 minutes later, said Tim Kelly, the race director for the land speed competition known as The Maine Event.

Warner in 2011 had reached a world record speed of 311.9 mph over a 1 1/2-mile distance on the same track.

The Loring Timing Association’s race track is the world’s longest asphalt surface available for land-speed record attempts at more than 2.5 miles long, according to the association’s website. The facility was closed as a U.S. Air Force base in