Expanding OpenGov, Marijuana Farmers' Markets, Robot Valets: July 15

Illustration by André da Loba

Startup OpenGov built software to make Palo Alto’s government data more transparent. Now it’s working on systems for other cities including South Orange, N.J., writes Yulia Chernova. [Wall Street Journal]

An SEC vote allowing hedge funds, venture capital firms, and startups to promote themselves to (rich) investors is a step toward the democratization of startup investing, writes Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson. [AVC]

Denver-based entrepreneur Justin Hartfield wants to create farmers’ markets for marijuana growers, writes Eleazar David Melendez. [Huffington Post]

A new class of angel investor may be limiting startup founders’ ambitions, writes Eric Markowitz. [Inc.]

Boomerang Systems is developing automatic-guided vehicles to make parking garages more efficient. The company is currently implementing the robotic valet system in Miami (video). [Bloomberg Television]

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