Canara Bank and IDBI Bank CDs Deals: Indian Money Market

By Pooja Saraf

July 09.(Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing certificate of deposits dealt by Indian companies. The data has been provided by NVS Brokerage Ltd., SPA Securities Ltd. and Trust Financial Consultancy Services.

T = Tentative C=Confirmed

Date Security Mty Date Qnty(Crs.)Rate Buyer Seller CTRB Status 09-Jul-13 KVB 24-Feb14 25 8.28 SPAS T 09-Jul-13 SBOP 10-Dec-12 50 7.91 KARNAT. AXIS BK SPAS T 09-Jul-13 CANARA 06-Mar-14 8.10 SBI MF TATA MF SPAS T 09-Jul-13 SYNDI. 10-Sep-13 50 7.60 MF BANK TFCS T 09-Jul-13 INDIAN 10-Sep-13 50 7.54 L&T MF BANK TFCS T 09-Jul-13 BOI 24-Sep-13 150 7.60 UNION AXIS MF TFCS T 09-Jul-13 CBI 16-Jul-14 25 8.35 SYNDI. PRU MF TFCS T 09-Jul-13 CANARA 10-Jun-14 25 8.21 UBI TAURUS TFCS T 09-Jul-13 IDBI 29-Aug-13 25 7.60 AXIS MF BIRLA MF TFCS T 09-Jul-13 CANARA 14-Mar-14 50 8.09 L&T MF MF TFCS T 09-Jul-13 INDIAN 05-Aug-13 50 7.45 REL MF BNP MF TFCS T 09-Jul-13 CANARA 25-Mar-14 8.13 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 BOI 24-Sep-13 150 7.60 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 SBOP 03-Jun-14 8.20 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 SBT 10-Dec-13 7.94 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 IDBI 28-Aug-13 7.60 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 IDBI 29-Aug-13 7.60 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 CORPI 25-Jun-14 8.24 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 CBI 23-Sep-13 7.65 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 INDIAN 10-Sep-13 7.54 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 SBT 25-Sep-13 7.60 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 IOB 25-Feb-14 8.13 NVSB T 09-Jul-13 SBOP 11-Dec-13 7.91 L&T MF INDIAN BK NVSB T 09-Jul-13 CBI 2-Sep-13 100 7.56 L&T MF NVSB T

T = Tentative C=Confirmed

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