The Lobster Problem, Goats R Us, White Castle on Obamacare: July 8

Illustration by André da Loba

Abundant catches are driving prices down, making it hard for lobstermen to break even, writes Taryn Luna. [Boston Globe]

San Francisco International Airport hired an Orinda, Calif., company called Goats R Us to clear brush that could be a fire hazard. The airport can’t use humans or machines for the job because two endangered species live in the area, writes Scott Mayerowitz. [Associated Press]

Faster turnaround times and better quality are leading some apparel brands to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., reports Paul Davidson. [USA Today]

Brian Wingfield gives exporters a glimpse of what’s at stake as the U.S. and Europe get set to negotiate the biggest trade deal in the history of the world. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

White Castle executive Jamie Richardson discusses the delay of the employer mandate provision in the Affordable Care Act (video). [Bloomberg Television]

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