Iran Involved in $3.5 Billion of Hydro Water Works, Times Says

Iran is implementing hydropower project water works abroad valued at $3.5 billion, Tehran Times reported, citing Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Alireza Daemi.

Iran is also in talks on $2.7 billion of related deals, Daemi was cited as saying by the paper without giving details about the projects or location. Iranian companies have helped work on water and power projects in about 40 countries, mostly in Central Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa, according to today’s Times, which didn’t give a timeline.

Sattar Mahmoudi, an advisor on water affairs to the energy minister, said Iran is taking part in water installations in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran “plays an important role among regional nations in the water sector, like the role Germany plays in Europe,” Mahmoudi said July 2 in the Tehran-based Iran-Daily paper.

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