Review: Bravo's 'Princesses Long Island' Aim to Marry Up

On Bravo, women have lucrative careers in marrying up
“The guy you date is pretty much who you are on Long Island” Photograph by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Calling all bachelors: If you’re a “Wall Street, lawyer, doctor kind of guy,” or “a man in a suit,” or “somebody who has money,” or just an “ambitious, successful gentleman,” then have I got a girl for you! Take your pick of one of the six Long Island princesses featured on Bravo’s aptly titled reality show, Princesses Long Island. These cute, Jewish ladies, all living at home with their overbearing parents, are hoping to get hitched to dudes with cash. As 30-year-old Ashlee puts it: “I’m looking for amenities.”

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