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Anthony Weiner Runs for Mayor of New York, and Away From His Past

The disgraced congressman seeks a second chance as NYC mayor
Anthony Weiner Runs for Mayor of New York, and Away From His Past
Photograph by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Anthony Weiner is irritated there are still people who aren’t ready to take him seriously. Two years after resigning from Congress in disgrace after tweeting photos of his crotch to several women and then falsely claiming a hacker had victimized him, he’s running for mayor of New York—testing the turnaround time for political redemption. The Democrat says he wants to put his past behind him and talk about the issues facing the city; yet for many New Yorkers his past is an issue. Sitting in a cupcake shop below his Park Avenue South apartment in a fraying green T-shirt and jeans, he laments that politics has become just another kind of entertainment. “It’s too much about the atmosphere. ‘He wears a shirt wrinkled,’ ” Weiner says, mimicking news reporters. “I did an event on hunger and the slug on the story said, ‘The Weiner Show.’ These are important things that citizens care about, and I just think you dishonor it.”

One of seven Democrats vying in the Sept. 10 primary to succeed independent Michael Bloomberg, the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg Businessweek parent Bloomberg LP, Weiner portrays himself as a wiser version of the liberal whom New Yorkers sent to Congress six times before his career imploded. He begins some speeches with an apology and an implicit assurance that he no longer suffers from uncontrollable urges and bad judgment. “I put my colleagues in a terrible position by the dishonorable thing that I did,” he says in the cupcake shop. “The priorities that I had, from the days after I did these things, was to try to repair my life, repair my marriage, to turn attention to my son.”