Chinese Police Detain Armed Mob in Xinjiang After Deadly Clashes

Chinese authorities detained individuals who formed into a mob and caused a public disturbance in the western province of Xinjiang yesterday, two days after an attack on police stations and a government building in the region left 35 dead.

The individuals who formed the mob in the city of Hotan at about 3:30 p.m. local time yesterday were armed, Tianshan Net, the official news website of Xinjiang’s local government, reported. No one was kill or injured in the incident, according to the report, which didn’t give more detail.

The incident in Hotan follows the June 26 violence about 1,500 kilometers away in Xinjiang’s Lukqun township, which Chinese authorities have labeled a terrorist attack. While about 90 percent of China is ethnic Han, more than 40 percent of Xinjiang’s 22 million people are Uighurs, some of whom have protested the government’s decades-long policy of encouraging Han migration to the area. In 2009, almost 200 died in clashes between Uighurs and Han Chinese in Xinjiang’s capital of Urumqi.

Xinjiang authorities have blamed past violence on religious extremists trained in Pakistan at camps run by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. When Premier Li Keqiang visited Pakistan in May, the two sides agreed that the movement is a “common threat,” according to Xinhua.

The Tianshan Net report didn’t say if those arrested in Hotan were ethnic Han or Uighur.

Among those killed in Lukqun, 11 were attackers shot and killed by police, Xinhua reported earlier. The attackers, who were armed with knifes, killed 24 people, including two policemen and 16 ethnic Uighurs, according to Xinhua. The incident was the deadliest since the Urumqi clashes in 2009.

— With assistance by John Liu

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