Missoni Plane Wreck Found Off Venezuelan Coast

The wrecked plane that carried fashion executive Vittorio Missoni was found this morning off Venezuela’s Los Roques islands after a six-month search.

The aircraft is 76 meters (249 feet) underwater north of the archipelago, Public Prosecutor Luisa Ortega said in an e-mailed statement. No bodies have been found so far.

Missoni and five other passengers and crew disappeared Jan. 4 after taking off from Los Roques for the capital Caracas.

Missoni, 58, was responsible for marketing at the eponymous maker of colorful zig-zag patterned knitwear worn by celebrities including Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

Plans to raise the plane to the surface are being evaluated, Sumirago, Italy-based Missoni SpA said today in a statement. “The families would like to thank the Venezuelan and Italian governments for making this search possible,” the company said.

Founded in the 1950s by Vittorio’s parents, Ottavio and Rosita, Missoni is run by Vittorio’s siblings Luca and Angela and non-family member chief executive officer Alberto Piantoni.

Earlier this month authorities located the debris of another airplane that crashed off Los Roques on the same day five years earlier. All 14 people on board the aircraft operated by Transaven, including eight Italian citizens, are presumed dead.

Venezuela’s premier Caribbean resort destination, Los Roques, lies about 170 kilometers north of South American mainland.

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