Paula Deen Hasn't Been Fired From This Channel

It's unclear whether the chef, dropped from the Food Network, will remain on Great American Country network
Paula Deen poses with fans as she appears on the 'Today' show on June 5, 2013 Photograph by Peter Kramer/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

You’ve no doubt heard that Paula Deen, of Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf and doughnut sandwich notoriety, was fired from the Food Network after she admitted in a deposition that she used racial slurs. But one of Deen’s shows, Paula’s Home Cooking, also airs on the Great American Country cable channel. (Both the Food Network and GAC are owned by Scripps Networks Interactive.) Unlike the Food Network, though, GAC is being curiously circumspect about Deen’s future. When asked about the status of Deen’s show and contract with GAC, Lee Hall, a spokesperson for Scripps, wrote in an e-mail: ”I really can’t add any detail beyond the statement issued on Friday.”

That statement, issued by Food Network, said the channel would not renew Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of June. It came just a few hours after Deen posted on YouTube an awkward apology video—or three. Maybe that was enough for GAC. Or maybe the channel took note of the many fans who came to Deen’s defense after her dismissal. GAC has 62.2 million subscribers, according to SNL Kagan; Food Network has nearly 100 million.

GAC’s website lists a show schedule for Deen through July 15. The next episodes to air: Campfire Cooking and Easy Late Night Snacking. Its introduction to Paula’s Home Cooking includes this: ”Paula Deen brings uncomplicated and delicious home cooking to a series dedicated to the American traditions.” But it’s all gotten a lot more complicated.

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