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Men's Wearhouse: Here's Why George Zimmer Had to Go

Former Men's Wearhouse Chairman Zimmer
Former Men's Wearhouse Chairman ZimmerPhotograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

George Zimmer wasn’t sacked because he’s out-of-step with twentysomething shoppers—he apparently wanted to regain control of Men’s Wearhouse and take it private. Nearly a week after the retailer fired Zimmer, the company’s board has issued a statement that suggests the founder was simply unable to step back and let Men’s Wearhouse Chief Executive Officer Doug Ewert and his board run the company. Zimmer, 64, also was pushing for the company to sell itself and go private—which no other director considered wise—and wanted the board to re-install him as the boss.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Zimmer wouldn’t accept anything other than full control of the company and the Board was left with no choice but to terminate him as Executive Chairman,” the company said in the statement. Zimmer resigned from the board on June 24 and is considering his next steps, according to reports. Yep, breaking up is very hard to do.