Warner Bros. Is a 'Man of Steel' Marketing Machine

Photograph by Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP Photo

You can buy Clark Kent glasses from Warby Parker. You can eat the same hamburger he (or rather, Superman) does from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, drive a Dodge Ram truck as fast as he flies, and you can debate the removal of his stronger-than-steel beard hairs in a series of Gillette ads featuring Bill Nye, Mayim Bialik, and Kevin Smith. With over 100 promotional partners, 140 lines of licensed product, hundreds of retailers, and thousands of items—all the way from Under Armor work-out gear to a Superman doll from Mattel with stretchy arms that lets kids sling-shot him around until he looks like he’s flying—Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel is the most marketed movie this summer, if not this year. Don’t expect it to stop any time soon.

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