Christie Says No Need to Decide on White House Until 2015

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican seeking a second term in November, said he doesn’t need to decide whether to run for president until 2015.

The governor, 50, also said he won’t concern himself with attacks from fellow Republicans. He said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he’s “shocked” by inaction and partisanship in Congress.

Christie’s calls for smaller government and lower taxes have made him a national Republican figure. In October 2011 he turned down requests to run for president, saying he couldn’t abandon his commitment to help New Jersey recover from the recession. He hasn’t ruled out a 2016 White House bid.

“Probably not until 2015,” he said when asked about how soon he needs to decide on a presidential announcement following his re-election bid. “What I think we should be focused on is nominating the best possible candidate we can in 2016 who can get elected.”

Republicans at the state level, including the party’s governors and legislators, are “doers and pragmatists,” Christie said. At the national level, Congress has a record-low approval rating and President Barack Obama, a Democrat, hasn’t done enough to win over lawmakers, he said.

“Almost anything I see that comes from the floor of Congress from both parties shocks me,” Christie said. “People are playing the end zones. No one is playing the middle of the field and no one is trying to get anything done. They’re yelling at each other.”

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