Turkey’s Simsek Vows Severe Response If Spied On by Britain

Turkey demanded an explanation from the U.K. over allegations published by the Guardian newspaper that British intelligence spied on the Turkish delegation led by Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek during G20 meetings in 2009, the Foreign Ministry said today.

The ministry in Ankara expressed “concern” in an e-mailed statement and said it was waiting for a “satisfactory explanation.” If there is any truth in the allegations, it will represent a “scandal” for Britain, the ministry said.

“If these allegations are confirmed then it will be denounced in the strongest way and necessary action will be taken,” the official Anatolia news agency quoted Simsek as saying today.

Turkey’s Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek said allegations by Guardian newspaper that Britain spied on foreign delegates during G20 meetings in 2009 are under investigation, according to state-run Anatolia news agency.

Turkey is waiting for a “satisfactory explanation from British authorities,” Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement today, expressing “concern” over the allegations.

• Simsek says if allegations are true, wiretapping will be denounced in strongest way and necessary action will be taken

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