Rethinking the Redskins

A branding expert and a design firm come up with some new team names and logos

Controversy over the name of the National Football League’s Washington Redskins resurfaced in May, when 10 members of Congress wrote to the league and Dan Snyder, the team’s owner, asking for a change. The legislators said the name is a “racial, derogatory slur” against Native Americans. Snyder has long resisted a change. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell backed Snyder in a response to Congress, writing that the name stands for “strength, courage, pride, and respect.”

We asked David Placek and his staff at Lexicon Branding—the firm that came up with the names BlackBerry, Febreze, OnStar, Pentium, and FiOS—to cook up some new monikers for the team. Then James Skiles, creative director at Phoenix Design Works—the maker of logos for hundreds of pro and college teams, including the Colorado Rockies and Philadelphia 76ers—drew logos to match.

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