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General Mills Targets a Non-Breakfast Crowd: Adults

General Mills Targets a Non-Breakfast Crowd: Adults
Courtesy General Mills

It’s a problem for companies such as General Mills and Kellogg: Breakfast consumption among American adults has steadily declined over the last few decades. Sure, it’s important for your kids to eat their Cheerios before school, but what about you? Oh, that’s right: You’re already late for your morning meeting.

In an effort to get adults to eat more than cereal bars, General Mills has launched a product called BFAST, a nutritional shake sold in the cereal aisle of retailers such as Publix, Safeway, and Wal-Mart Stores. It comes in three flavors—chocolate, vanilla, and berry— and promotes the “nutrition of a bowl of cereal & milk.” Each box costs $1.79 and bears the instruction “chill it, shake it, chug it, and be on your way.” Kellogg recently launched its own shake called Kellogg’s To Go.