Kuwait Invites Bids for Clean-Energy Park to Save Oil for Export

Kuwait invited proposals for the first phase of a renewable-energy park as it plans to generate 15 percent of its electricity from sustainable sources by 2030.

Only prequalified groups will be eligible to bid for the 70 megawatts of projects, said Salem Al-Hajraf, executive director of the energy research center at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. They include eight groups for a solar-thermal plant, 13 for a photovoltaic site and 16 for wind farms.

Kuwait, the third-biggest oil producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, is investing in alternative energy to save more crude for export. The Arab state, which doesn’t yet generate any power from clean sources, will produce 1 percent from renewables after building the park’s first phase.

The Shagaya energy park, to be located in a desert area 100 kilometers (62 miles) west of Kuwait City, will have a 2,000-megawatt capacity when all phases are completed. It will save about 12 million barrels of oil equivalent a year, Al-Hajraf said today in a presentation.

Phase one, scheduled for completion in the first half of 2016, will be funded by the government. The park will be finished by 2030, according to Al-Hajraf, who declined to estimate a cost for the project or name the prequalified groups.

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