U.K. to Give Consumers New Rights to Return Faulty Goods

British consumers will get new rights to return faulty goods, including digital downloads, in draft legislation to be published today.

The Consumer Bill of Rights from the Department for Business will set the period during which consumers can return faulty products for a full refund at 30 days from purchase. They will still be entitled to demand a repair or replacement after that. They’ll also be entitled to a partial refund after a failed repair and demand that substandard work is redone.

The bill sets out rights over digital content such as film, music and book downloads and online games. If the content is faulty, customers will be entitled to repair or replacement.

“For too long the rules that apply when buying goods and services have been murky for both consumers and businesses,” Consumer Minister Jo Swinson said in an e-mailed statement. “The situation is even worse in relation to digital content. It is about time consumers knew what their rights are.”

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