Easier Accounting, Cheap Wine, Health Insurance Prices: June 11

Illustration by André da Loba

Making accounting easier for small companies has become a new preoccupation of the accounting profession, Floyd Norris reports. [New York Times]

Even as Berlin jostles with London for the title of Europe’s latest Silicon Whatever, a lack of financing threatens its growth, write Claudia Rach and Cornelius Rahn. [Bloomberg News]

Charles Kenny looks at the World Bank’s rankings on how easy it is to start a business in different countries, and finds problems, along with ome value. []

Australian scientists are building an app to identify cheap wines that are chemically similar to luxury vintages, according to Liz Tay. [Business Insider Australia]

Theresa Vargas takes a peek at what Washington residents and small business owners can expect to pay for health-care coverage under Obamacare. [Washington Post]

Todd Krainin digs into audio recording surveillance on public buses in Maryland (video). [Reason TV]

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