Desalitech Gets Liberation Capital Investment for Water

Desalitech Ltd., a Boston-based company specializing in desalination and industrial water-treatment technologies to lower costs and energy consumption, will receive $5 million more from Liberation Capital.

That brings to $9.5 million that Liberation Capital has invested in Desalitech, which has raised about $13 million total, according to a statement today. Desalitech, which was founded in Israel and first deployed commercial units in 2009, said its closed-circuit desalination system recovers more water using less energy than other reverse-osmosis methods.

With most U.S. manufacturers already using reverse-osmosis systems, in addition to applications in agriculture and fossil-fuel industries, “we’re anticipating exponential growth with this company,” Desalitech Executive Vice President Richard Stover said yesterday in an interview. “Really, anywhere there’s a boiler or a cooling tower, they need purified water.”

With industry accounting for about 60 percent of freshwater withdrawals in the developed world, straining water resources, Desalitech technologies “are ideal for industrial and agricultural water-treatment, where fresh water supply and effluent disposal costs have become a burden,” Jeff Garwood, managing director of Liberation Capital, said in the statement.

Desalitech’s CCD system can desalinate seawater using 25 percent to 50 percent less energy than similar reverse-osmosis methods, achieving 97 percent recovery compared with 75 percent, the company said.

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