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How Long Can Edward Snowden Stay in Hong Kong?

Edward Snowden speaks during an interview with the “Guardian” in Hong Kong
Edward Snowden speaks during an interview with the “Guardian” in Hong KongPhotograph by The Guardian via Getty Images

Where in Hong Kong is Edward Snowden? We know from the Guardian that the 29-year-old former CIA employee is somewhere in the former British colony. From what he said in the interview, Snowden seems to be staying in a nice hotel on the Hong Kong side of Victoria Harbor. Nice because he has been getting his food from room service, so he’s not at some dive; and on the Hong Kong side because—in what seems to be a moment of carelessness—the employee of defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton told the Guardian the U.S. consulate was just “up the road.”

Unless he’s engaging in some misdirection, that suggests he’s somewhere close by the hulking building on the lower slope of Victoria Peak, on the edge of Hong Kong’s downtown. Compared with other Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai, Hong Kong doesn’t have that many big hotels, so if the U.S. government is indeed trying to find him, there might not be too many places to check in the city’s Central and Admiralty districts.