One Battle IT Cannot Win: Banning Work on Your Smartphone

Photograph by Tetra Images/Corbis

Well-intentioned though they may be, IT department bans on using personal gadgets for work aren’t very effective. Even employees in highly regulated industries such as health care and finance prefer at times to use their own gadgets or apps to get the job done, according to new research from U.K. technology consultancy Ovum. The firm’s study of over 4,300 professionals from 19 countries showed that on the high end, employees are using their own device or app for more than 30 minutes (and sometimes, much longer) each day on work-specific tasks. The rest of the time they are toiling away on company equipment, but even a few minutes spent on non-company devices or third-party apps is enough to freak out security-focused IT personnel or data-protection obsessed regulators.

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