Finding a Manufacturer, Setting a Price, and More Answers to Business Questions

Photograph by Liz Banfield/Getty Images

Questions about business challenges are streaming in from readers who are taking advantage of my Smart Answers column, in which I interview experts and distill their insights into answers. I’m also receiving questions I have addressed before. Rather than duplicate what I’ve already done, I’ve compiled answers to a handful of recent questions below. Enjoy.

1. Question: Adam in Anaheim, Calif., wants to find a manufacturer to make the can and the drink for his new canned-drink business.

Answer: Read “Breaking Into the Energy Drink Business.”

2. Question: Bob Horwitz in Overland Park, Kan., asks how to determine the selling price for his distribution business.

Answer: Read “Time to Sell? Setting a Price for Your Cash Business.”

3. Question: Bridget Parham works with 2,500 small-scale farmers in Zimbabwe. She will be expanding and wants to find new markets for their produce.

Answer: Read “Sharing Profits With 45,000 Farmers.”

4. Question: Josephine Bologna has her product in stores in Staten Island, N.Y., Long Island, N.Y., and New Jersey. She wants to find regional and national distributors to help expand her footprint.

Answer: Read “Get Your Product to Retailers and Distributors.”

Send more questions on challenges you face in your business. I will interview experts and distill their insights into answers.

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