Japan Air Scrubs 787 Flight After Sensor Fault in Battery Box

Japan Airlines Co. said it had to replace a Boeing Co. 787 with another plane after a sensor indicated a problem with the Dreamliner’s battery box.

Tape covering two holes used to regulate airflow in case of a battery fault in the auxiliary power unit was not removed after testing, triggering the alert, JAL said in a statement today. “The battery showed no abnormality,” it added.

The global 787 fleet has only just begun resuming operations after a battery flaw in January triggered a worldwide grounding that also halted new deliveries. Boeing had to modify the battery system to address safety concerns.

JAL replaced the Dreamliner to be used for Flight JL021 with a Boeing 767-300, incurring a 1 hour 5 minute delay in the process. The swap took place at Haneda airport in Tokyo.

The affected Dreamliner had flown twice the day before without incident, JAL said.

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