Wendy's Brings Pretzels and Cheeseburgers Together at Last

Illustration by 731, Photographs by Getty Images

The poor roll seems to be getting, well, stale. Wraps and flatbread are everywhere. Dunkin’ Donut’s started testing a bacon egg breakfast sandwich on a doughnut this spring. Now Wendy’s is preparing to launch a new menu item dubbed the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, which USA Today reports will be served on a “soft pretzel-like roll.” No details were available on the launch date for the premium burger, but the Internet was buzzing about it today. Some reactions on Twitter:

In January, the Associated Press noted that Wendy’s is now focusing on better breads, including a “slightly heartier, pretzel-like bun.” At the time, Wendy’s was already testing a pretzel burger as a limited-time item in Miami. Reddit users have also reported seeing them in Ohio and California.

A Wendy’s spokesman, Denny Lynch, said product testing at a few restaurants is over—meaning the pretzel burger, for now, is unavailable to diners. ”It’s not in any restaurants … yet,” he wrote in an e-mail. But analyst Mark Kalinowski of Janney Capital Markets was so pumped about the pretzel burger’s success in those tests—it became one of Wendy’s best-selling, limited-time items in decades—that he upgraded the fast-food chain’s stock to buy from neutral, according to USA Today.

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