Phil Jackson Says Knicks’ Anthony Should Read His ‘Sacred Hoops’

Phil Jackson, who won a record 11 National Basketball Association championships as a coach, says Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks would benefit from reading his book “Sacred Hoops.”

Jackson, who coached the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls to six titles and the Shaquille O’Neal- and Kobe Bryant-led Los Angeles Lakers to five, throughout his career has given players books as a teaching tool.

“It’s a book in which I address the fact that Michael Jordan’s a leading scorer, he’s got the capability of being a terrific scorer, but that he’s got to get his other teammates involved and he’s got to make it a team game,” Jackson said during an interview on Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock” with Pimm Fox and Carol Massar.

“Sacred Hoops” was published in 1995. The Bulls, who won championships from 1991-93, won another three in a row beginning with the 1995-96 season.

Anthony, who turned 29 two days ago, led the NBA in scoring this season at 28.7 points a game. His Knicks were eliminated by the Indiana Pacers in the second round of the playoffs. Anthony, who attempted the third-most shots in the league this season behind Bryant and Russell Westbrook, can become a free agent after next season.

Jackson called Anthony, who as a freshman led Syracuse University to the 2003 national championship, a “terrific player.”

“He’s one step away from getting there and having that opportunity,” Jackson said, referring to competing for an NBA title. “Having had it as an NCAA player, it’s something he must crave.”

Sun Tzu

Jackson once gave Bryant, who frequently clashed with teammates, Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” to illustrate to the former Most Valuable Player that the general cannot enjoy perks withheld from the rank and file without risking the alienation of those he’s attempting to lead.

The 67-year-old Jackson left the Lakers after the 2010-11 NBA season and says he’d like the opportunity to run a team’s front office. He’s advising the Detroit Pistons on their coaching search.

Jackson has written several books, including “Maverick: More Than a Game;” “The Last Season: A Team in Search of Its Soul;” and “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success,” which was released earlier this month.

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