Hurricane Sandy Tax Break, 'Dear Dumb VC,' Post-Startup Blues: May 30

Illustration by André da Loba

New York City is giving the owners of residential and commercial properties damaged by Hurricane Sandy a $90 million tax break, writes Daniel Geiger. [Crain's New York Business]

Bonobos Chief Executive Officer Andy Dunn uses the epistolary form to unload on “dumb” venture capitalists. This gets to the heart of it: “So why would I want your advice on how to make my business viable, when you can’t do the same for yourself?” [Medium]

Michele Serro just sold her startup, Doorsteps. Why is she feeling blue? [Huffington Post]

“If early inventors used Kickstarter” was apparently a category on Jeopardy last night. [Game Show Kingdom]

Scott Moloney worked in banking for 18 years, then left his job to open a Detroit ice cream shop that makes lobster bisque ice cream (video). [CNN Money]

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