New Jersey Bars Busted, Big Business in Little Kiosks, Demo Day at TechStars Boston: May 24

Illustration by André da Loba

In New Jersey, investigators raided 29 bars and restaurants suspected of filling bottles of premium liquor with cheap booze—or worse, according to Rema Rahman. One establishment was accused of selling a mixture of rubbing alcohol and food coloring as scotch. [Associated Press]

Mall kiosks don’t belong to the class of innovative businesses that typically garner much attention, but they’re accessible to first-time entrepreneurs with limited capital, writes John Grossman. They can also be surprisingly lucrative. [New York Times]

An Austin, Tex., startup called TrackingPoint is selling $27,000 rifles that use laser and computer technology to help novice marksmen hit moving targets at 500 yards, according to Paul Barrett. It can also post kill shots directly to Facebook or YouTube. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Local food, do-it-yourself clothing, and manufacturing technology were among the hits at demo day for startup accelerator TechStars Boston, writes Barb Darrow. [GigaOm]

Small businesses devastated by Hurricane Sandy are hustling to get ready for the summer season (video). [Fox Business]

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