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In the Future We’ll All Be TaskRabbits

In the Future We???ll All Be TaskRabbits
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The temporary workforce in the U.S. is looking increasingly permanent. In April, 2.66 million people took on temp work, making up almost 2 percent of the country’s overall workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those numbers are approaching the all-time highs hit in 2000.

Enter TaskRabbit, the online marketplace for odd jobs. The company started as a way for people to hire neighbors to do their errands; the idea was sparked when its founder couldn’t find the time to pick up food for her dog. But businesses looking for inexpensive, commitment-free labor now make up the fastest-growing part of TaskRabbit’s platform. Earlier this year the company launched a service for businesses, and it says 16,000 of them have signed up since February, with the vast majority actually finding workers through the site. TaskRabbit announced on Thursday a significant expansion of its program. It’s now offering to help customers file tax forms, handle time sheets, and take care of other administrative tasks.