Waiting on Disaster Loans, Vermont Sues a Patent Troll, Yelp Pressure: May 23

Illustration by André da Loba

Federal disaster loans to help small business owners recover from Hurricane Sandy have been slow to arrive, writes J.D. Harrison, raising concern in the wake of the tornado that destroyed much of Moore, Okla., this week. [Washington Post]

The Vermont attorney general sued a company called MPHJ Technology for being a patent troll. According to Don Jeffrey, the state accused MPHJ of violating its Consumer Protection Act after the company sought payment from Vermont small businesses over alleged patent violations. [Bloomberg News]

Engine Advocacy founder Josh Mendelsohn calls for support for the March of Innovation, an Internet campaign for immigration reform. [Mashable]

Some small business owners feel pressured to advertise on Yelp, believing that spending ad dollars on the site helps ensure that positive reviews are prominently displayed (video). [Washington Post]

Karen E. Klein answers a reader’s question on how small businesses should evaluate return on investment in their advertising spending. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

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