Toronto Mayor’s Brother Says Cocaine Reports Untrue

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s brother Doug said media reports that the head of Canada’s largest city used cocaine are untrue.

“Our mayor faces yet another accusation, an accusation driven by questionable reporting,” Doug Ford told reporters at city hall today. “Rob is telling me these stories are untrue, that these accusations are ridiculous, and I believe him.”

The Toronto Star reported that two of its reporters watched a video allegedly showing Mayor Ford inhaling from a crack cocaine pipe. Bloomberg News has not seen the video and can’t verify its authenticity.

“I’m not speaking for the mayor. The mayor is my brother. I love him and he’ll speak for himself,” said Doug Ford, who is a city councilor. “My brother is an honest and hard-working man with integrity, a man who has dedicated his life to serving others.”

Rob Ford, 43, spoke briefly to reporters on May 17, calling the video reports “ridiculous.” He had said the story in the Toronto Star is another example of the newspaper “going after me.” The mayor has ignored questions from reporters on whether the video was doctored, if he has ever used crack cocaine, and if it was him in the video.

The Toronto Police say they are reviewing allegations against the mayor.