Campus Cooks Aims to Supply Good Food to Greek Houses

Campus  Cooks is waging a war against cafeteria food, frat house by frat house
Mealtime at Northwestern University’s Kappa Alpha Theta house Photograph by Ryan Lowry for Bloomberg Businessweek

At campus fraternities, it’s not just kegs and eggs anymore. Bill Reeder, a former energy options trader at Bank of America, is bringing chicken satay and veal parmigiana to Greek houses at universities across the U.S. His company, Campus Cooks, employs cooks at 70 houses on 20 campuses, including Purdue, Florida State, and Texas A&M, and is looking to expand to schools in North Carolina and Virginia. The business, based in the Chicago suburb of Glenview, will log about $10 million in revenue for the year ending in June, Reeder says. He’s projecting a 30 percent increase to $13 million for the next fiscal year.

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