After Birchbox, the Sample Box Bubble

Courtesy BarkBox

Since a pair of Harvard Business School classmates launched Birchbox in 2010 to sell beauty products through monthly shipments of curated samples, dozens of imitators (focused on everything from fishing tackle to sex toys) have cropped up. A website devoted to the stuff-in-a-box industry,, counts at least 135, including Jacked Pack, full of nutritional supplements, and Bug Out Box, for survivalist gear.
Tackle Grab
Monthly cost: $12 to $16
Types of goodies: 2,500 anglers subscribe for fishing lures, bait, and other gear
Monthly cost: $15 on average
Types of goodies: More than 10,000 guys get razors and underwear
Monthly cost: $19 to $29
Types of goodies: 45,000 canines get treats, toys, and grooming products
Monthly cost: $11 to $65
Types of goodies: 400 knitters of all levels sign up for yarns and patterns
Monthly cost: $10+ per meal
Types of goodies: Home cooking without the trip to the grocery store
Panty Fly
Monthly cost: $9
Types of goodies: 10,000 women buy brand-name underwear from sporty to sexy
Boink Box
Monthly cost: $25 to $50
Types of goodies: Sex toys for those afraid of being seen buying them
Monthly cost: $10 (women); $20 (men)
Types of goodies: A cornucopia of beauty products for more than 300,000 homes
Monthly cost: Starts at $18
Types of goodies: Health and wellness samples for 10,000 subscribers

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