Replacing the Cash Register, Rising Home Prices, Should Main Street Go Lean? May 15

Illustration by André da Loba

Square unveiled new stands to help retailers turn iPads into countertop-mounted replacements for cash registers, writes Brad Stone. It’s part of the electronic payment company’s attempt to upend incumbent point-of-sale systems. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Renaissance Macro Research economist Neil Dutta expects small business owners to take a rosier view of the U.S. economy in coming months, and says rising home prices are likely to help (audio). [Bloomberg Radio]

There are YouTube channels making $100,000 a month in ad revenue, writes Ryan Holiday. So why isn’t the quality of paid content better? [Betabeat]

Gabrielle Karol asks whether the Lean Startup movement—which would have companies do away with business plans and learn by rapid trial-and-error—makes as much sense for Main Street as it does for tech startups. [Fox Business]

Liz Alderman reports on efforts to turn poor neighborhoods on the outskirts of Paris into hotbeds for entrepreneurship (video). [New York Times]

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