Canada Conservatives Lose Electoral District to Liberals

Canada’s ruling Conservative Party lost a seat in the House of Commons to the opposition Liberal Party in a special vote last night.

With all 91 polls reporting, Liberal candidate Yvonne Jones had about 48 percent of the vote in the district of Labrador on Canada’s northern Atlantic coast, defeating incumbent Conservative Peter Penashue, who had about 32 percent.

Penashue, former minister of intergovernmental affairs for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, resigned his seat and sought re-election after Elections Canada, the independent voting agency, said he received ineligible campaign contributions in the 2011 general election.

“Today we have demonstrated that the Liberal message of hope and hard work is resonating,” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said in an e-mailed statement.

If Elections Canada’s preliminary results are confirmed, the Conservatives would hold 164 seats in the 308-seat House of Commons, while the New Democratic Party, the official opposition, would have 100. The Liberals would hold 36, the Bloc Quebecois five, the Green Party one and two seats are held by independents.

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