Queen Should Abdicate If Too Ill to Rule, Says U.K. YouGov Poll

Queen Elizabeth II should step down from the throne if she becomes to ill to rule, a Sunday Times YouGov poll showed for the first time, according to the newspaper today.

The 87-year-old monarch, who has been the head of state in the U.K. since Feb. 6, 1952, should remain queen for life, according to 53 percent of those polled, down from 64 percent in March. Fourteen percent said they didn’t know. Should the Queen become too ill to stay in her role, then 48 percent believed she should stand down. That’s compared to 51 percent in March, the YouGov poll showed. The minority, 43 percent, believed she should continue.

Fifty percent believed the Queen’s eldest son Prince Charles will make a good king, a 13 percentage point increase from May last year, the poll showed.