Benghazi Shouldn’t Be ‘Prolonged Political Process,’ Kerry Says

Secretary of State John Kerry said recent debate about last Sept. 11’s attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, hasn’t produced new information and shouldn’t be used for political purposes.

“I hate to see it turned into a pure, prolonged political process that really doesn’t tell us anything new about the facts,” Kerry said in an online chat on a Google Inc. website.

The top U.S. diplomat said he respects State Department officials who “spoke up” at a congressional hearing earlier this week.

“I really haven’t learned anything new” about events in Libya that hadn’t been covered in earlier hearings and briefings, said Kerry, who was a U.S. senator before moving to the State Department earlier this year.

Kerry praised “four very courageous Americans” who died in a “terrorist attack” on the Benghazi facility.

“We run risks everywhere in the world,” Kerry said. “But America can never cower.”

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