Paying for Digital Cinema, New Type of Startup, Ed Hardy's Tattoos: May 7

Illustration by André da Loba

Some small town movie theaters lack the money to upgrade their projection equipment to show digital work—and are turning to their local communities to crowdfund improvements, reports Richard Verrier. [Los Angeles Times]

The idea that local businesses have different needs and priorities than multinationals is gaining support from progressive advocacy groups, Nancy Folbre explains. [New York Times]

U.S. competitiveness depends on getting small businesses back into the supply chains of major manufacturers such as Ford and Caterpillar, writes Small Business Administration chief Karen Mills. [Washington Post]

Alex Godin says Internet companies such as Airbnb and Fab—whose primary innovations relate to their business models, not to the development of new technologies—don’t need to follow the traditional venture capital fundraising model. [Alex Godin]

Andy Greenberg was on hand for a field test of Defense Distributed’s 3D-printed handgun. [Forbes]

Ashlee Vance visits the San Francisco studio of Ed Hardy, America’s most famous tattoo artist (video). [Bloomberg Businessweek]

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