Mexico’s WTO Candidate Seen Getting Support From European Union

The European Union will back Mexico’s Herminio Blanco over Brazil’s Roberto Azevedo to become the next head of the World Trade Organization, Bloomberg BNA reported, citing officials following the process.

Representatives of the 27-nation EU met in Brussels yesterday and agreed to vote on their choice after failing to reach a consensus decision on whether to recommend Blanco or Azevedo to the WTO selection committee.

The members agreed that the EU candidate would be the one getting the most votes. Two rounds of voting yielded the same result: 15 member states preferring the Mexican Blanco and 12 the Brazilian Azevedo, according to the officials.

France and the U.K. have been the main supporters for Blanco, a former Mexican trade minister who served as his country’s chief negotiator in the North American Free Trade Agreement. The European Commission has lobbied for Azevedo, who currently serves as Brazil’s ambassador to the WTO.