Building a Fancy Hotel in Mogadishu, Funding Food Startups, Spreading Secret Sauce: April 30

Illustration by André da Loba

Christopher S. Stewart profiles Michael Stock, an American developer who is building a $500-a-night hotel in Somalia’s capital—and who runs a separate business training Somali fighters in modern military techniques. [Wall Street Journal]

Square Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey tells Sarah Frier that the majority of the merchants who use his company’s payments system are providers of personal services such as dog walkers and golf instructors. The company is now targeting the restaurant industry. [Bloomberg News]

More venture capitalists are investing in food startups, according to Jenna Wortham and Claire Cain Miller. [New York Times]

Small Business Administration chief Karen Mills writes that the U.S. needs to spread its “secret sauce” of entrepreneurship beyond such startup hotbeds as California, New York, and Massachusetts. [Washington Post]

The animated-TV show The Jetsons still sets the bar for what we expect from innovative technology, says self-described Jetsonologist Matt Novak (video). [CBS News]

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