History Channel's 'The Bible': Coming to a Theater Near You

An Israelite work camp in Egypt, as portrayed in a first-season scene from Burnett's Bible series Photograph by Joe Alblas/The History Channel

Last month, the History Channel’s The Bible, produced by Survivor impresario Mark Burnett, proved to be ratings manna from heaven. Its premiere episode garnered 13.1 million viewers, and after all was said and done, 95 million people had reportedly watched the cable series, making it the year’s most-watched. Now Burnett has announced that he is seeking to continue the bounty—and maybe win a few more converts—by re-editing the section of the show about the life of Jesus Christ (chiefly, episodes 5 through 10) into a three-hour film to be released in theaters. “[We have] many, many offers from theaters, globally,” Burnett recently told The Hollywood Reporter.

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