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The New Rules for the Modern Workplace

The New Rules for the Modern Workplace
Photograph by Gregor Schuster/Getty Images

The current state of our economy has transformed the workplace and how we manage our careers. There is no longer such a thing as a linear career path. A college degree doesn’t magically turn into a job and an MBA doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get a promotion. Even if you get a job, it’s not stable and you won’t be staying with the same employer for life. The rules of the workplace have changed and therefore you must not only understand them, but be able to navigate around them in order to be successful. The employees who succeed have an open mind, are constant learners, and are willing to push themselves out of their current responsibilities (and comfort zones) to take on bigger roles.

The only thing that’s certain in today’s modern workplace is that you can’t rely on anyone or anything—you have to be accountable for your career and to take charge of your life.