IPads Replace Cash Registers, Kiva Needs More Borrowers, a VC Shares Startup Salaries: April 23

Illustration by André da Loba

Businesses are using iPads to replace traditional cash registers, and the result is a better retail experience, Nick Wingfield writes. [New York Times]

Chamath Palihapitiya, co-founder of FWD.us, the new immigration reform lobbying group funded in part by Mark Zuckerberg, talks about keeping tech talent in the U.S. (video). [Bloomberg Television]

Kiva’s new Washington site has a good problem, Mohana Ravindranath reports: It has attracted a greater supply of funds from would-be lenders than it has demand from borrowers. [Washington Post]

The lean startup movement—with its emphasis on experimentation over planning and on customer feedback over intuition—has turned conventional wisdom about entrepreneurship on its head, according to Steve Blank. [Harvard Business Review]

Nick Tomaino, an associate at venture capital firm North Atlantic Capital, writes that venture-backed startups should be more transparent about executives’ salaries. To take a step in that direction, he shares the average salaries for execs at NAC’s portfolio companies (hat tip @JessicaKRoy). [Perceptive.ly]

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