Allahabad & IDBI Bank CD's Deals: India Money Markets

By Pooja Saraf

April 23.(Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing certificate of deposits dealt by Indian companies. The data has been provided by NVS Brokerage Ltd. & SPA Securities Ltd.

Date        Security   Mty Date  Qtm(Crs.)Rate Buyer Seller CTRB
23-Apr-13   IDBI       07-Jun-13          8.00              SPAS
23-Apr-13   ALLAHABAD  03-Mar-14          8.40              SPAS
23-Apr-13   IOB        JUNE-13            8.00              NVSB
23-Apr-13   SBOP       24-Sep-13          8.29              SPAS
23-Apr-13   IOB        17-Jun-13          8.00              SPAS
23-Apr-13   OBC        30-Oct-13          8.32              SPAS
23-Apr-13   PNB        25-Jun-13 500      8.04              NVSB
23-Apr-13   ALLAHABAD  17-Jun-13 100      8.05              NVSB
23-Apr-13   CANARA     14-Jun-13          8.03              SPAS
23-Apr-13   PFC        06-Sep-13 25       8.48              SPAS
23-Apr-13   CORPY      14-Mar-14 50       8.37              SPAS

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