Ron Conway Reacts to Gun Vote, Muhammad Yunus Gets Prize, Deeper Voices Earn More: April 19

Illustration by André da Loba

Angel investor Ron Conway promised to unleash “the most sophisticated social media campaign ever built” to oust the U.S. senators who didn’t support an amendment to expand background checks for gun purchases, writes James Temple. [San Francisco Chronicle]

David Bornstein asked microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus, who was recently awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, to explain his concept of “social business.” [New York Times]

Downtown business districts lost jobs at a slower rate than suburbans areas during the Great Recession, writes Isaac Riddle, citing research from the Brookings Institution. [Next City]

A study of 792 male chief executive officers at publicly traded companies found that those with deeper voices earned more money and led bigger companies, Melissa Korn reports. [Wall Street Journal]

FirstMark Capital founder Rick Heitzmann talks about wearable computing and tapping into the next generation of entrepreneurs (video). [Bloomberg Television]

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