Taiwan Investigates Suspects in Bullet Train Bombing Attempt

Taiwan’s prosecutors are investigating two suspects extradited from China on charges of planting explosive devices on a bullet train and at a lawmaker’s office, Tseng Chin-chung, an officer at the island’s Criminal Investigation Bureau, said by phone today.

Hu Tsung-hsian and Chu Ya-dong, both Taiwanese nationals, were arrested in Guangdong province by Chinese authorities and repatriated yesterday, Tseng said. Suspected mastermind Hu, a lawyer, declined to reveal the motives behind the failed attempt and Chu, a taxi driver, is suspected a hired hand, according to Tseng. Police found DNA of Hu on suitcases and Chu’s fingerprints on a van.

Two suitcases containing gasoline and chemicals were found on a high-speed train, and another two in a legislator’s office in New Taipei city on April 12, the bureau said in a statement on its website. The suitcases contained hydrochloric acid and sodium cyanide, which when combined will produce toxic gas, the statement said. Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. evacuated more than 600 passengers after the two unidentified objects emitting suspicious odors were found.

Hey Song Corp. said Hu has been removed as board director after the incident, according to a company statement to the Taiwan stock exchange late last night. Hey Song declined to comment on Hu’s personal actions, the statement said.