Canada Must Keep Public Health Care, Diana Carney Says

Canada needs to maintain its publicly funded health care and education systems to curb income inequality, Diana Carney told a parliamentary committee.

“It’s all about institutions, and preserving, maintaining and building the institutions that have served us so well in the past,” Carney, vice president of research at Ottawa-based research group Canada 2020, told the finance committee of the nation’s legislature today.

Canada has the sixth-highest level of income inequality among 17 developed countries, and the gap increased in the two decades to 2010, according to an analysis published by the Conference Board of Canada. The U.S. had the highest level of income equality.

“One of the things we need to do, I would argue, is make sure that the whole population keeps engaged with those institutions,” said Carney, spouse of Bank of Canada Governor and Bank of England Governor-designate Mark Carney.

“One of the main differences between us and the U.S. is the rich, the plutocrats that Chrystia Freeland talks about, they disengage from using the public health system but they also disengage from public education,” Carney said.

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