Padres’ Quentin Suspended 8 Games After Melee, Hairston Out One

San Diego Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin was suspended for eight games after he charged the mound and incited a bench-clearing brawl that left Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke with a broken collarbone, Major League Baseball said.

Dodgers infielder Jerry Hairston Jr. was suspended one game for starting a second confrontation when he gestured at someone in the Padres’ dugout during Los Angeles’ 3-2 win on April 11 at Petco Park in San Diego.

Quentin and Hairston, who each also face undisclosed fines, appealed their suspensions, said Joe Garagiola Jr., senior vice president of Standard and On-Field Operations for the league. They are eligible to play until their appeals have been completed.

The right-handed Greinke hit Quentin’s left shoulder with a pitch in the bottom of the sixth inning, which prompted the batter to start walking toward the mound. When Greinke appeared to say something to him, Quentin charged the pitcher.

The two collided shoulder-to-shoulder before Quentin tackled Greinke and broke his left collarbone. Both then ended up at the bottom of a pile of players as teams ran onto the field.

It was the third time in his career that Quentin has been hit by Greinke, most recently in 2009, according to ESPN. Quentin has led the major leagues in being hit by pitches the past two seasons, with 116 in his eight-year career.

Quentin, Greinke, Hairston and Matt Kemp of the Dodgers were ejected from the game.

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