The Way to Justify Spending a Lot on Bags

Source: Courtesy Duluth Pack

When the weather gets hot in New York City, and the pavement starts reheating things better left frozen, the nicest thing to do here is leave.

If you're like most of your fellow residents though, chances are your job won't let you go for long. So all you really need for your escape is two days of spotty email access and a weekend duffel. The following are some of the best getaway bags. (Yes, we just wrote about rucksacks; Loot loves bags.)

The L.L. Bean duffel is arguably the most classic choice, and at $175, definitely the cheapest. Best of all, anyone who owns one knows that the more abuse you give it, the better it looks.

For a slightly more upscale version of rugged living, there's the "Sportsman's Duffel" from Duluth Pack, the Minnesota-based outfitter. At $240, it might seem pricey for a canvas bag. Considering it's guaranteed for life, you're allowed to engage in the most reliable justification for buying anything: amortization. So if you have 25 ambulatory years ahead of you, that's less than $10 a year. Cheap.

Even though its name sounds like a prescription drug, the "Baxinyl," travel bag from Longchamp ($320) is one of the best you can buy. Its most compelling feature is its least obvious: the nylon and leather construction allows you to fold it up into a tiny square--perfect for storing in a NYC-sized apartment.

Then there's a weekend bag for someone who can afford live in perpetual summer: Asprey's supple, leather and silk "Polo Holdall ." Yours for $1,750, or approximately 33 round-trip tickets on the Hampton Jitney.

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